Kamis, 29 Desember 2011


Inevitably, that over time the technology has progressed so rapidly. Only a single touch, we can do anything they pleased us, no different to the technology as well as in the picture above. Not magic is not magic, that's a table that transformed into a sophisticated technology ....

Maybe we've seen videos and movies featuring the latest technologies for the future. But what happens if it becomes real and can we have? While this may function only as a table for my friend to put household appliances writing or just filling the room interior. In early 2011, it was rumored emergence of holographic TV technology. But recently, Dipenghujung in 2011, Microsoft made ​​a breakthrough technology called Microsoft Surface, where a combination of desk, computer, camera, touch sensivity and the size of which allows the user to interact for a variety of activities.

On a large table that uses 40-inch LCD touch screen, Microsoft put a smartphone on the screen, Microsoft Surface will instantly recognize these devices and displays information about the device and allows to choose a different model. Reportedly, Microsoft has confirmed the latest prices for a table of future they will release in 2012 in the American market for $ 8,900.

Just as Microsoft Surface, the latest technology to other future, an interactive table, EXOdesk, allowing my friend to do all the activities in the virtual space. EXOdesk actually a tabletop computer that offers high definition 40-inch screen, where we can manipulate virtual objects by touching and dragging. EXOdesk will be released in 2012 at a price of $ 1.299.

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