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Aplikasi android untuk mengecek tagihan listrik PLN via smartphone Android ini diperkenalkan oleh Lorensius W. L. T. dari komunitas Android Indonesia. Sobat dapat memeriksa tagihan listrik setiap bulannya hingga bulan sebelumnya. Ada tiga cara mengecek tagihan listrik PLN online ini yakni melalui scan barcodemeteran, input suara, maupun memasukkan secara manual.
Saat ini Aplikasi android ini sedang dikembangkan untuk seluruh wilayah di Indonesia sehingga dapat digunakan oleh pelanggan PLN di wilayah manapun dan tentu saja aplikasi ini tidak akan dapat digunakan oleh pelanggan listrik prabayar PLN.


not to be outdone by the personal assistant Siri features of the iPhone, Samsung also makes a similar feature called S Voice. Smart feature that detects questions and voice command was first pinned on the Galaxy S III.
Users can switch the device on his Samsung Galaxy simply by saying "Hi Galaxy."
In a demonstration of Samsung's Voice is made ​​when launching Galaxy S III in London, England, Tuesday (05/03/2012), the camera feature can be activated by saying "I want to take a picture."
S Voice can also be used to display the weather application, calendar, and make phone calls with the name stored in the contacts. In fact, S can also activate voice control to music player to play songs and organize large-volume small.
Samsung called S Voice as a clever feature that you understand. With this sophisticated capability, S Siri Voice will certainly match the Apple iPhone.
Reportedly, S Voice will be pinned on a smartphone, or even the next tablet Galaxy family.


Though slender, giving the impression that GALAXY Pocket full power. With a 832Mhz processor capable of handling many functions and rich applications with ease. No need to worry about a quick response and her multitasking abilities. Your productivity will not be disturbed, especially with the support of Wi-Fi and HSDPA connectivity are advanced. And because of the size of a slim mobile phone is just 11.9 mm with rounded corners and a comfortable grip, easy mobility, when held, or in your pocket.

  • 850 / 900 / 1.800 / 1.900MHz GSM&EDGE Band
  • 900 / 2.100MHz 3G Band
  • GPRS Network & Data: 850 / 900 / 1.800 / 1.900 (Slave)
  • EDGE Network & Data: 850 / 900 / 1.800 / 1.900 (Master)
  • 3G Network & Data: HSDPA3.6
  • Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
  • Android Browser
  • 0,655mW/g SAR value
  • 103,9 x 57,9 x 11,98mm Dimension
  • 97 g Weight
  • 1.200mAh Battery Capacity
  • Up to 950min (2g), up to 360min (3g) Talk Time Battery
  • Full Touch BAR Form Factor
  • 262K ColorTFT Technology
  • 320 x 240 External Resolution
  • 2,8" External Display Size
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Ever thought of turning on the TV quite a hand gesture or voice commands? Perhaps the future of this kind of technology you will ever see in the movies. Now, Samsung took the real to you.

After the success of previous Samsung Smart TV, Samsung buried a three latest technology in this product, the Smart Interaction, Smart and Smart Content Evolution.
Innovation is in the interaction of the Samsung Smart TV lets you adjust the TV by using a sound, a simple hand gestures, and even face recognition. For example, just say "On", and your TV was on in front of you.

If you need to change the channel or turn up the volume on your TV, use the hand to move it from a distance, without the need to find the remote. Or use your hand gestures to navigate the web and using apps.
Interestingly, the built-in camera that is embedded in the Samsung Smart TV also allows this TV to recognize your face. With ease, you can log-in to the profile, access your favorite apps, to perform various social networking activities such as Skype.
Representing the Smart Content, Samsung Smart TV features a variety of programs that entertain apps for your family. Applications Samsung Kids will provide entertainment as well as education for your children, as well as the Samsung Family Story that lets you keep fond memories of family and easily displayed and is told through the Samsung Smart TV.
Of course, the Samsung Smart TV you can be equipped with a sufficient variety of favorite apps downloaded in Samsung Apps


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Samsung is increasingly enticing mobile phone users worldwide. This is evident from the number of consumers who are increasingly samsung multiply.

Powered by a dual processor type Exynos 4212 with 1.8 Ghz speed the process of achieving internal RAM and 16GB. This is used to bolster the performance of the phone itself. for the feature is not much different from the Galaxy series, but the difference is its OS is already using version 4.0 Icecream Sandwich. NFC technology is the newest addition, S is the beam, which serves as a medium to share that supposedly only held it up with fellow Galaxy s3, file size Bergiga - giga can be transferred with only a few seconds.


Unrelenting Korean vendor continues to created in technological advancements. This is also attested by the existence of a new smartphone called the Samsung Galaxy Note.

Like the other ranks of the Galaxy series, this smartphone is designed with a screen that is relieved by using the 5.3 inch AMOLED screen and super type for other specs, it has been equipped with a dual core ARM Cortex A-9 1.4 GHz, fairly reliable to run multiple applications without the slightest constraint. and a gingerbread version of the android OS support and a battery of 2500 mAh.

For the multimedia business, the smartphone is equipped with several standard applications such as markets, galleries and others. Inside there was also a special application in the smartphone that works as a creative media or record certain moments, and the mini-application that functions like a diary personal diary. and if you do not want to miss important momena with your family or girlfriend, this smartphone is equipped with a camera facility at 8 MP and 2 MP front camera. Meanwhile, the video is 1080p Full HD, with the ability of recording and playback at 1080p resolution.

  uniqueness of others will also be found in this smartphone, since it is also equipped with a stylus pen pen-named S, which serves as a tool for writing or drawing on this smartphone.