Selasa, 22 Mei 2012


not to be outdone by the personal assistant Siri features of the iPhone, Samsung also makes a similar feature called S Voice. Smart feature that detects questions and voice command was first pinned on the Galaxy S III.
Users can switch the device on his Samsung Galaxy simply by saying "Hi Galaxy."
In a demonstration of Samsung's Voice is made ​​when launching Galaxy S III in London, England, Tuesday (05/03/2012), the camera feature can be activated by saying "I want to take a picture."
S Voice can also be used to display the weather application, calendar, and make phone calls with the name stored in the contacts. In fact, S can also activate voice control to music player to play songs and organize large-volume small.
Samsung called S Voice as a clever feature that you understand. With this sophisticated capability, S Siri Voice will certainly match the Apple iPhone.
Reportedly, S Voice will be pinned on a smartphone, or even the next tablet Galaxy family.

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